Lens Technology

We live in a digital world and the old way of making lenses just won't cut it. Lens technology has changed to meet the visual demands of modern life. At Sunshine Eye Clinic, we research and test the latest and most innovative lenses our industry has to offer. New digital processing allows us to give you tailored made lenses and coatings for your work, play and lifestyle.

  • Digital Single Vision - Wider fields of view, optimized for better visual comfort.

  • Progressive Lenses - For seamless vision from small details to the largest landscapes. We can tailor your progressive lenses to fit your personal vision needs.

  • Driving Lenses - Lenses and coatings designed to reduce the visual demands and glare of driving at night or day. Specially formulated coatings that reduce the halo effects from oncoming lights.

  • Sunglasses Lenses - Show your personality with radiant colors and protect your eyes with reliable 100% UV protection.

  • Sport Lenses - Golf, tennis, cycling, you name it, good vision is vital for all sports. The right tint and design is essential to satisfy your visual requirements and these digital lenses are designed to fit almost any frame.

  • Workplace/Office Lenses - A highly customized lens that is designed for full fields of view at work, school or any indoor activity. Great for reducing eye strain and neck ache associated with CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome)

  • ZEISS Eyeglass Lenses

Special Lenses & Lens Coating Providers